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Extreme Makeover

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Makeover - A set of changes intended to make a person or thing look much better.

The Bible tells us that one of the highest and ultimate goals that God has in store for each one of us is our transformation - and this transformation is accomplished by the renewing of our mind. The Bible tells us that God wants sanctify us and transform us into the express image of His Son Jesus Christ. He wants to make us into a better and more holy people - both on the inside and the outside.

In the Book of Jeremiah, he was first directed to learn the lesson by going to a potter’s house, where he observed a potter fashioning a vessel out of clay. Because the vessel was not suitable for what the potter intended, he had to remold it into something other than what he had first designed. God is a God of a Second Chance!! He is able to remake characters, lives and hopes!! He remade Abram into Abraham; Jacob into Israel; Sari into Sarah and Saul into Paul, what makes you think God can’t change your marred life? He specializes in broken people!!! He want leave you life He found you but when you come into his will, he makes you better than you have ever been. When the blind entered his presence, they left seeing, when the deaf received Him, they left hearing, when the sick believed in Him, they were made whole, the Potter wants to put you back together again!! Even Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall and had a great wall and all the King Soldiers and all the Kings men could not put Humpty back together again but I know a man who can, His Name is Jesus!!! This parable contains several important principles for God’s work in our lives.

(1) Our submission to God as the One who molds both our character and our service to Him determines to a large extent what He can do with us.

(2) A lack of fervent commitment to God can frustrate His original purpose for us.

(3) God remains free to change His intentions for our lives. If He has planned goodness and blessing for us and if we rebel against Him, He may then shape us into a vessel for destruction. On the other hand, if we are, through our own stubbornness, vessels headed for destruction, but we repent, God will begin to shape us into vessels of honor and blessing.

Instead of God destroying us, He gave us an EXTREME MAKEOVER! Things are not predetermined and unalterable, not even in the mind of God; He takes into account spiritual changes in people. Although God does not change within Himself, He retains the right to change His mind and alter His declared promises and threats.

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