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I Am WOW - A Woman of Wisdom

Proverbs 14:1

"The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down."

In this passage of scripture, it mentions two type of women A WISE WOMAN and A FOOLISH WOMAN. I believe it is by choice what we decide to be. Women wear many hats and play many important roles but the greatest is the crown of her husband! Proverbs 12:14 A wife of noble character is her husband's crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones. Therefore, a woman’s character depicts her actions, behavior and how others view her and even how other’s view her husband! Women the type of character we possess, the words that come out of our mouths, and how we carry ourselves, carry a lot of weights! In other words IT DOES MATTER! How do you want people to see you, is the how you should carry yourself! Women, I want say when you become a wife, because every woman that desires to be married, should be a wife in character, that is possess all the characteristics of a wife, before she gets married. This is why the Bible says ‘when a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing and obtains favor from the lord’. He should be able to see those characteristics in you before he proposes to you! That is if he is a man who is looking for a wife and not just sex, hips, lips and fingertips! So single ladies, you must learn to be a wife now and not wait till later. Wise women are not born – they are made. A wise woman chooses to be wise. She sets the right priorities for her life; she is wise and disciplined; her family and estate prosper. On the other hand, many women, who are foolish and rebellious; they are distracted by the cares of this world, unwise, lazy and their families and estates fall into destruction and ruin.

HERE IS ENCOURAGEMENT AND A WARNING TO WOMEN. You have a tremendous opportunity to build a family, wealth and legacy that will be to the glory of God and leave a lasting legacy well into generations to come. It is your choice to be wise and to build. Forsake the foolish and prosper (Pr 9:6). The word “house” in Proverbs and the rest of the scripture is often much more than the building you live in. It is broader than that, it describes a family and/or estate. Consider: HOUSE. The persons living in one dwelling; the inmates of a house collectively; a household, family. A family including ancestors and descendants; a lineage, a race: esp. one having continuity of residence, of exalted rank, or high renown. A wise woman can greatly improve a marriage, family, home, community, and estate, even into future generations. A foolish woman can ruin all of this and destroy her legacy. Women we possess a great opportunity as the nurting vessels that God has created us to be to build others and not tear down.

THE VIRTUOUS WOMAN had great influence over her family and husband’s estate. She directed the care of the children and household and engaged in commercial real estate development and manufacturing and sales. Her husband’s importance in the city was greatly due to her superb management of these matters. Read it carefully (Pr 31:10-31). She was not just a good wife and mother, but she was a BOSS! An entrepreneur and knew how to transact business well and create wealth for her family. Houses were built up by Hannah, Lois, Eunice, and Bathsheba in the Bible; all of whom invested in their children and grandchildren to the glory of God. Houses were torn down by Michal, Jezebel, and other odious and lazy women. The only widows to be financially supported by the church are those who build up houses well (I Tim 5:3-10). Others will be rejected.

HOW CAN YOU IDENTIFY A WISE WOMAN? Look first at her husband. He will be successful in his vocation, for she will have relieved him of most or all the household duties (Pr 31:13-27). He will be confident, happy, and content, for she will have been a great lover and companion (Pr 5:19; 19:13; 31:11-12). He will apply himself well to the larger matters of the family and estate, for his wise wife will have taken care of the lesser ones herself. A wise woman knows sexually defrauding her husband creates bitterness, reduces his creativity and productivity, and makes other women he meets much more attractive. She knows frequent suggesting or disagreeing steals his peace, undermines his confidence, and makes him edgy and critical. She knows that her better ideas are better when kept to herself. She knows that doting like a dating teenager can build her man into a leader. She knows that praising him to the children leads to a strong, unified, and happy home.

HOW CAN YOU IDENTIFY A WISE WOMAN? Look at her children. They reflect their mother very much, which is why the Bible says that a neglected child will shame his mother (Pr 29:15).

HOW CAN YOU IDENTIFY A WISE WOMAN? Look at how she keeps her house. It will be clean, orderly, organized, comfortable, and bright. It will reflect on the outside and inside the care of ownership (Pr 24:3-4,30-34; 31:13-27; Eccl 10:18).

HOW CAN YOU IDENTIFY A WISE WOMAN?Look at her balance sheet and income statement. She will understand financial discipline, never spending outside strict limits.

HOW CAN YOU IDENTIFY A WISE WOMAN?Look at her appearance. She will take good care of herself.

HOW CAN YOU IDENTIFY A WISE WOMAN? Look at her soul. Her sins are confessed; she keeps her heart with all diligence; she avoids approaching the lines in life between holiness and sin. She is contented and happy with the Lord, no matter what circumstances she faces.

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