WOW Spotlight

Congratulations to this Girl Boss Sharisah Odoms!

Our June Woman of Wisdom Spotlight is none other than Sharisah Odoms better known as "Shar The Life Changer"! She is a single mother, business owner, author and a woman of faith!  Listen to what she has to say!

Hi, my name is Sharisah Odoms better known as Shar the Life Changer. I became the Life Changer at first, because it is what the distributors are called in my business. But as I grew, I began to completely change my life and help change the lives of others. A little bit about me, I am a 37-year-old woman with 2 children who relocated to Florida from my home state of Delaware after fighting a battle with severe depression. I wanted a fresh start in a place where the sun shined all the time. I touched down in Tampa, Florida in December of 2016 and officially moved in February of 2017.


In March of the same year 2017, I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called NMO or Neuromyelitis Optical. A disease that attacks the eyes and spinal cord that can cause blindness, paralyzes and in worst cases even death. God covered me; I was paralyzed for close to 3 months from March 2017 until June of 2017, I was wheelchair bound. I would go on to gain over 50 extra pounds due to the steroids, I was receiving as a part of my treatment. I became diabetic as well. Around August and September, I was back walking slowly and had started working for an insurance company in Tampa. After I overcame that affliction, I was determined to get my own personal businesses back up and running. In 2018, I joined a network marketing company called Total Life Changes, which supplies health and wellness products to live a healthier lifestyle. I went on to lose 75 pounds in the last year, once I started taking my business seriously as well as my health. My goal with Total Life Changes, is to help people all over the world to understand that your health is your wealth and if you remain consistent, you will begin to see that the road to a healthier you, not a hard one.


I also reopened my cottage bakery called "Let’em Eat Kake" in Newport Richey (home based). I went through the WOW Women of Wisdom Mentorship Program with my Pastor, Dr. Laytecia McKinney to learn how to properly incorporate my business as an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) and protect it by getting all the licenses needed. Then Covid hit the world and my bakery was impacted drastically, as I believe majority of bakery's suffered likewise in March of 2020 as we were forced to stop baking for the first 5 months. This really took a toll on my bakery and in 2020 I made twenty-eight dollars from my business. Well, my bakery took a hit and so did my health again and I found myself not able to work my insurance job any longer, as I had to many days of inconsistent absences due to a lack of energy to work. Inspite of, I was still determined to win. I used my down time wisely and wrote and self-published my first book called "No Settlement Checks", the 5 Keys to Stop Settling in Life. I authored this book because the disease had attacked my mind and I had lost all my self-confidence and hustle. Once I tapped back into my faith, I leaped and stopped accepting anything or anyone that did not mean me any good. I stopped settling for anything less than what I deserved and desired.


Now my life is fruitful, joyful, and peaceful. I have no more depression or lack in my life. Praise God.

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