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WOW Spotlight

Congratulations to this Girl Boss Tierra Warren!

Our March Woman of Wisdom Spotlight is none other than Sis. Tierra Warren! She is a Wife, Mother, and Entrepreneur.  Listen to what she has to say!

I, Tierra (Carter) Warren, was born in Ft. Pierce, FL on 2/22/1985 to Ernestine Carter and Terry Ingram. I have 5 siblings: Yashekia, Terrrosany, Tertavian, Eboni and Ed'Shayla. We moved to Tampa when I was the tender age of 8 and this has been my home since. I graduated from Jefferson High School Academy of Finance in 2003. I married my high school sweetheart in 2010 and through our union, we have four beautiful children: Donovyn (19), DeNya (17), Tyera (14) and Tyrese (11). I am also a Stepmom to four children. I started doing hair at the age of 13 and working at the age of 14. Having children at a young age, I would hold down a full-time job while taking clients for hair appointments at times. I never thought about becoming a licensed braider until braiding hair was all I had. My marriage has been through many tests, some in which I found myself doing it on my own a couple times. With small kids and losing jobs back-to-back I knew I needed something other than a paycheck; I needed a stable career. I became a licensed braider in 2013 and worked in my first salon. While working in the salon I decided to take on another hobby to get extra income, BAKING! 


Back in 2015 I left the salon life and started doing hair from home and my passion for baking begun! We started with a $1 cupcake sale and donations to the little league team we were a part of at the time. After a couple of successful bake sales, I started to get personal orders. Through many trials and losing everything a couple times, I decided to make my hobbies a business. I started the baking business in 2016 from my home kitchen.  Determination and hard work, coupled with prayer, birthed out my business and now I can see the reward of my hard labor!  It’s not always easy managing 2 businesses but with God I have managed. Blessed Handz and Blessed Sensational Sweetz are more than just a brand. We pour LOVE into everything we do. "Oh, Taste and See" is my tagline for cakes and I stand on that! I like to think of myself as an "Anointed Baker". At times I find myself praying over the sweets while I mix them. God has been good to me and the gifts I have I don't take them lightly. Being able to do hair and bake has kept my family and I with shelter, food and clothing many times. 


My dream is to one day own a storefront, where I can house my businesses and create generational wealth for my children and children’s children. As a licensed braider I also teach young girls and women the techniques I use to braid. One day I would hope to have a building of my own to continue the teaching of braids and maybe cakes. As of right now I do everything from my home or rent a space. I am also teaching our children how to use their gifts to generate wealth and to have that security if needed. Our 19-year-old Donovyn has a business where he sketches and hand paints shoes, canvases, and clothing. My husband is a barber and now has a mobile detailing business. We are a family of entrepreneurs and I thank God for entrusting us with such gifts and talents. 


Tierra Warren

Blessed Sensational Sweetz 


Be sure to visit her on Facebook at 

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