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I Am WOW! A Woman of Wisdom is a life-changing, full-color Devotional & Journal designed to empower, motivate, help organize, inspire, and ignite a fire in every woman who reads it.

Dr. McKinney specializes in empowering women to reach their greatest potential in life and with this latest tool, you will be able to write your way to success! The book is packed with empowering devotion to bring clarity and motivation! In this book, you learn the power of journaling to take your written words to shape and create your BEST life!

In this Devotional/Journal you can map out your future by writing out your life's vision statement, positive affirmations, goals for different areas of your life, and how to create a plan to get there! There is also a "Girly Girl Station" a place for planning your personal shopping goals, weekly meal planning, budgeting, fitness goals, and much more!

Every girl has a dream of being successful but it takes a Wise Woman to be able to bring it to fruition! I Am WOW A Woman of Wisdom Devotional & Journal will help you set your life in motion to living your most blessed and best life!


This is a one-stop Devotional/Journal that can be used daily and is full of wisdom for every woman!!

I Am WOW A Woman of Wisdom Devotional & Journal

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